3 Things Parents with ADHD Kids should know

Here are 3 things you should know that might help you.

TallahasseeParents with Kids diagnosed with ADHD,

There are 3 main challenges your child most likely suffers from:

▶️ Working Memory

▶️ Executive Function

▶️ Self-Regulation.

WORKING MEMORY: This is their ability to remember things immediately after they are told or through out the day. It can be very frustrating for them to forget things so quickly. Repeating items back to themselves and writing it down are very important and beneficial.

EXECUTIVE FUNCTION: This is their ability to stay organized, on task and balance multiple activities like classes at school. Taking pauses, writing what needs to be accomplished with deadlines are very helpful. Marker boards help them see the big picture and clear their head. Get it out of your mind and onto the marker board!

SELF-REGULATION: Another way to look at this is your child is a “dopamine junkie.” Dopamine is the chemical your brain produces from exercise, excitement, new experiences and of course sugar. Since people diagnosed with ADHD have much lower levels of dopamine than the average person, they will do almost anything to get it. Often poor behavior is a result of this because it increases dopamine, although not intentional. Exercise is very important, music is a great mood changer and keeping your child engaged in many different interests also helps greatly.
Although most see ADHD as a negative, it can give kids hyper focus and determination when they are interested in a particular activity or subject. It is not uncommon for kids with ADHD to grow up very successful when they find their passion.

Martial Arts is a great way for ADHD kids to improve in the above areas. It naturally centers around working memory, executive function and self-regulation. The life-skills and positive reinforcement taught in the classes can make a world of difference in your child’s life!

If you would like more information regarding its benefits for your ADHD child, email us at tigerrocktally@gmail.com or send us a message through our website.

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