Find Out How A Boy Went From Victim to Hero

Tallahassee Parents,

Sooner or later all kids will become a victim in a negative situation. Most likely it will be friends turning against them, maybe short term bullying or fellow students being rude on their sports team. Whatever the situation, continue to read about one boy named Will who went from a victim to a hero in middle school.

Will was a quiet, slender young man who was friendly and did not seem like he was one to bother others and got along with almost anyone.

What we did not know was the real reason his grandparents enrolled him in our martial arts academy. Will was not one to stand up for himself when adversity hit.

This is a common challenge for kids like Will. There is nothing wrong with him, however society seems to prey on the nice/quiet type and embrace the loud/aggressive personality.

Fast forward a few years later and Will is a red belt, eligible to test for his Black Belt in 4 months.

One day Will’s grandfather comes up to me and informs us Will was suspended from school for a few days and we shocked. His grandfather continues to express how proud he is of his grandson because a kid at school was being bullied and Will stepped in to help. You can probably guess what happened next. The bully zeroed in on a new target. You guessed it, he went after Will. To make a long story short, it did not end well for the bully, but because of the “No-Tolerance Rule”, they were both suspended. Will’s grandfather continued to explain that before he started martial arts, he would never speak up for himself let alone anyone else.

You could only imagine how proud we were to hear this success story. However, Will was a middle schooler at the time and would most likely be embarrassed if we brought it up so we kept our proud feelings to ourself.

So what about martial arts builds confidence? Is it the “fighting” part of martial arts that boosts confidence? The feeling you get from learning new skills you never thought possible? The support and camaraderie you get from the instructors and other students that builds confidence?

It is all of that. There is not one specific thing about martial arts that transforms people into a better version of themselves. It is the whole package.

It is never too early or late to transform yourself and start martial arts. No experience is neccessary, just the willingness to put yourself out there on the mat and try something new.

What are you waiting for?

If you are interested in contacting Brad Fantle for speaking engagements you may reach him by email at He is a 7th Degree Black Belt with Tiger Rock Martial Arts, has 25 years experience working with children and teaching self-defense, an ADHD Coach and has a BA in Sports & Fitness from the University of Alabama

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