Got Balance?

Tallahassee Preschool Parents,

Do you have a 4 or 5 year old who could benefit from improved focus, balance and coordination?

Although kids develop these skills at different intervals, students that train at Tiger Rock Martial Arts see their skills improve at a much faster rate.

Two reasons:

Reason 1: There are small stabilizer muscles that support the main larger ones. These smaller muscles are not used much during most ball sports because the larger ones are more dominant. Due to the stances required in martial arts and standing on one leg to execute most of our kicks; students are forced to bring these smaller muscles into play.

Result: Much better balance, agility and less chance of injury

Reason 2: Besides executing kicks, we consistently aim at targets which take distance and height into play. Not only are your smaller muscles used more often, but students are learning distancing and deep perception to hit their targets. These requirements emphasize the “Mind Body” connection. Martial art students develop a greater awareness of their surroundings and improve their accuracy at a very fast rate.

It is no surprise many professional athletes like Muhammad Ali, Phil Mickelson, Herschel Walker, Shaquille O’Neal, Clay Matthews and Ronnie Lott trained in martial arts during the off season.

Are you ready to help your preschooler take their play to the next level?

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