How does Martial Arts Keep Your Child in Shape?

Tallahassee Parents,

If you have not looked into martial arts to keep your child healthy…you might be missing a big opportunity.

On average a 160 lb person will burn 752 calories in a TaeKwondo martial art workout. Now most kids don’t weight 160 lbs unless they are older, but if you divide both numbers in half you have an 80 lb child burning 376 calories in a 45 minute workout.

That is amazing!!!

However, it gets better. For example in our Tiger Rock Martial Arts program(predominately Taekwondo based) we incorporate strength training like push-ups, burpees, squats and plyometric jumping exercises.

Not only do these strength type exercises build muscle and burn calories, but they raise your child’s Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). What this means is they are building muscle and continue to burn more calories throughout the day on a regular basis.

Add the fun challenging drills and the life skills we teach; you have the closest thing to the best overall activity for children in your community.

There is a down side like all exercise programs. What happens if you stop training and do not replace this activity with something similar. You guessed it, weight gain and muscle hypotrophy (lose of muscle).

Parents, bring your child to a Tiger Rock center near you and let them try a few lessons. You will love the structured format and the high energy lessons taught by our certified instructors. We accept kids from 4 years of age through adults.

The first two lessons are on us!

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