How Martial Arts will Help your ADHD child…

Tallahassee Parents with ADHD Kids,

We have an aid for you. Notice how we did not say solution. ADHD is not a disease you can cure, but a neurological condition. Like many conditions there are strengths and weakness, although most only focus on the weaknesses.

In the spirit of keeping this article short with important information, we will get right down to the benefits of martial arts with children that have a ADHD wired brain.

EXERCISE: Not only is exercise a necessity for children with ADHD, but the type of exercise can be significant factor. Kids with ADHD already suffer from lower dopamine levels than the average person. Add exercise like martial arts or something similar which require the brain to learn new movements and you open more neural pathways in the brain. So in short, you can make your brain stronger and more focused!

SOCIALIZATION: Sometimes kids with ADHD have trouble fitting in socially. They can be loaners or tend to mature at a naturally slower rate making it hard to fit in. Enrolling an ADHD child in a martial arts class where they are automatically accepted up can make a big difference.

LIFE SKILLS: Kids with ADHD have challenges with working memory. Think of everyone’s memory like a bucket that can only hold so many memories or tasks in one day. Someone with ADHD is going to have a bucket half the size or smaller than your average person. Martial Arts teaches life skills to help kids work smarter, not harder preventing that bucket from getting full too quickly.

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