How to Change your Child’s Mindset

Tallahassee Parents,

Would you like your child to:

  • Improve their mental and physical skills?
  • Work more efficiently?
  • Lower their stress levels?
  • Have a growth mindset?

Surely your answer to the above questions were yes to all. What parent would not want those traits for their child.

Helping your child make these changes are not as difficult as one might think. Tiger Rock Martial Arts is about improving students’ lifestyles mentally and physically.

Yes, we do more than kick and punch boards!

Transformational vocabulary is a skill we have developed over 20 years to helps kids think differently and be more successful. Parents can take these same skills and use them at home to help their kids too!

What is the difference between “doing” and “practicing”?

Are you “doing” your homework or are you”practicing” a lesson in math, science or social studies.

“Doing” is merely going through the routine to finish a job or your work and move on. It doesn’t sound exciting or have any real purpose except completing busy work .

“Practice” is improving a skill for competition, or something that sounds more beneficial. Maybe you are running for student government, trying to make the “A” team in sports or move up the corporate ladder.

Part 2 of this Equation:

What steps do you take to make these different? Practice usually means you break skill sets in smaller parts and work on weak areas to make them stronger. A weight lifter might put more practice on improving his legs for symmetry. Your child might spend a little more time practicing parts of their speech for student government elections instead of the entire speech. Iron out weak areas.

When you practice, you not only bring more purpose to your actions, but you tend to see actual improvement. Try this transformational vocabulary with your child and see what happens. We think you will be pleasantly surprised!

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