How To Keep Yourself From Quitting a Fitness Program

Tallahassee Adults,

If you struggle getting in shape, sticking with an exercise program or eating healthy; there is a good chance you are making things more difficult than they have to be. You do need to understand there is going to be a fight between you and your brain. The quicker your understand this, the better off you will be.


Exercise will burn calories and fat, improve circulation, strengthen you heart and many other benefits. However, it is not as effective if you are putting terrible foods into your body. When it comes to exercise, make it fun, start slow and work you way up to more intensity. People often try to go from a sedentary life style to a fully active one only to fail miserably. We won’t lie, it is called “working out” for a reason and is going to be hard, but you will build up your resiliency over time.

Make It Fun

Getting in shape is going to be challenging, but make it fun. Find an activity you enjoy or an atmosphere that fits you. There are a lot of exercise clubs and programs that have different levels and welcome everyone no matter your experience. Who you are surrounded by can be more important than the actual activity sometimes.

Stop Listening to Your Brain

Your brain’s job is to protect and talk you out of anything uncomfortable. Callus it or tell it to shut up. It is not helping you get healthier. Don’t rely on motivation, because it will most likely disappear quickly. There are many techniques people use to push through, being accountable to offers can often help.

You can do this. Look back at other challenges you have had in your life and remember your successes.

If you are interested in contacting Brad Fantle for speaking engagements you may reach him by email at He is a 7th Degree Black Belt with Tiger Rock Martial Arts, has 25 years experience working with children and teaching self-defense, an ADHD Coach and has a BA in Sports & Fitness from the University of Alabama

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