How To Protect Yourself In Crowds

Tallahassee Adults,

As we read multiple posts on social media and watch videos of protesting, riots and looters, one thing is clear; many people talk “tough” when they can hide behind social media, but have no idea how to protect themselves especially in a crowd.

Mike Tyson had a great quote when he was active in his career, “Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face.” Civilians without any formal self-defense training often talk tough by stating they will drive through protestors with their car, dare someone to try and attack them when they have a license to carry a firearm or think they can handle themselves just because they are a large person, or workout.

However, these statements can easily be proved false when it comes to a crowded situation. The main reason, these people have the wrong goal in mind.

A true self-defense mentality is to get away from harms way as quickly as possible. One on one situations are as different as “night and day” when it comes to dealing with crowds. What is the difference? The person’s mentality. Most people when confronted in a public or crowded place assume it is a one on one situation. However, one attacker is often distracting you while another one comes from another direction to finish the job. If you have a situation when there are protestors or looters, it is not uncommon for people to get attacked by multiple assailants for no real reason except emotions and adrenal are high.

What is the solution? You need to have an escape mentality. You will never come out on top when you are out numbered and the situation is uncontrollable.

Get out, escape and get safe. Find an exit or a route away from the crowds/danger.

That is name of the game!

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