Raising Confident Kids

Is it Hard or Just New?

Tallahassee Parents, are you raising confident kids?

Difficult question considering kids are wired much differently than years past.

As parents, we do the best we can. We read articles and books for new ideas on what works today, hoping research or so-called experts really know what they are talking about.

Tiger Rock Martial Arts is known for instilling confidence in kids, but like others we don’t have all the answers, but here is something that might help.

“Is it Hard or is it just New?” This is a phrase our instructor came up with.

One way to improve a child’s confidence is change the way they think. Success Gurus do it with adults all the time, why not do it with kids?

The term “New” brings excitement, mystery and under covers the unknown.

The term “Hard” brings a negative feeling, a possibility that not everyone can do it and possibly feelings of failure.

Try this simple switch of words the next time your child says this is “hard” and see what happens.

You might be pleasantly surprised!

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