Keep Your Kids Busy Over The Holidays

Tallahassee Parents,

It is the day after Christmas, you cannot believe your kids are already getting tired of their new toys and school doesn’t start back for over a week.

How do you keep them busy? You mention clean out your room, toy chest or rake leaves, but they aren’t buying in like you hoped!

Here is a list of ideas to keep them busy.

  • GO OLD SCHOOL. Make your own games. Remember the paper football game? Kids love it and they get to make their own football. Take it one step further and have them decorate it. The internet is a great resource tool if you use it.
  • COOKING AND BAKING has always been a popular activity for kids. Making cookies and ice cream stick out in my mind. You have to make it fun. Buying precut cookie dough and sticking it in the oven isn’t much fun. Cutting out shapes will be much more appealing. Let your kids figure out what type of ice cream they want to make even if it sounds way too sweet to you.
  • GOT NERF GUNS? Nerf wars are always fun, build a battle course with obstacles to hide behind like a paint ball course. Not only do you have a few hours of fun, but most likely you will burn a lot of energy off too.
  • MAKE A MOVIE. Use your smart phone, grab stuffed animals, action figures and even bring in the family pet. Isn’t that essentially what the movie Toy Story was? Your family will have a great time watching what you create.
  • GO FOR A HIKE. If the weather permits, hiking is a relaxing way to get out of the house, enjoy some exercise and enjoy nature. Take it one step farther and you can turn it into a scavenger hunt.
  • FINGER PAINT. Grab some big pieces of paper, take it outside and go wild. Use your feet if you like. Being creative, thinking outside the box can be liberating.
  • MOVIE NIGHT. Most people watch movies over the holidays, but do you make it a family affair, get snuggled on the couch, make popcorn and pick-up “movie snacks”? Go all out and make it special!
  • BOARD GAMES, CARD GAMES AND MORE. When the family gets together to play, it makes things much more fun. Usually kids are familiar playing board games with their siblings or friends which can turn out many ways. Get a new crowd to play and it makes things much more fun. There are so many fun games out there we forget about like spoons, making a card house, even war can be fun when it is new.

You are only limited by your imagination, and don’t think teenagers won’t have fun with some of these games too. It is not always about the game, but the camaraderie with your family.

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