Introducing the New Tiger Rock Online Academy

Now you can learn and practice your skills any time, without the need to come to the gym!

Over 100 videos covering all aspects of training including form, stances, strikes, blocks, kicks, sparring, and more
Practice your skills any time you like, as often as you like. Practice makes perfect and will help you advance
Mobile friendly so you can take Tiger Rock with you if you’re going out of town
First of its kind program in Tallahassee, built with students and busy schedules in mind
New students can practice without worrying about being watched
Earn points and win prizes, or save your points and redeem them towards the equipment shop or future courses

Current Members

Register for your access to the Online Academy!

Weekly Lessons

Students receive the same lessons in the Online Academy that they would in person. Three new lessons are released each week for each age group!

Tiger Cubs



Skill Training

Skills Training & Weekly Lessons

Our skills training and weekly lessons are available to current members of Tiger Rock Martial Arts Tallahassee.

Individual Classes

These classes are available for everyone, not just Tiger Rock members. Be sure to check back often as we add more classes!

Self-Defense: Level 1

Boost your confidence and walk taller with our in-depth introduction to self-defense! Learn the basics of defending yourself against an attacker—our self-defense course teaches you everything from strikes to opponent targets to ways to escape from different positions.

Self-Defense: Level 2

After you’ve mastered the basics, you’re ready to dive deeper into more advanced self-defense techniques including escaping headlocks, being pinned to the ground, and more!

4 Week Academy Classes

These courses include 3 age-specific virtual training lessons per week, 2 Virtual Private Lessons ($35 value each) lasting 20 minutes each, and 1 year of access to keep practicing!

All for only $97 (a total value of $232)!

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