Raising Confident Kids Part II

Tallahassee Parents,

Are you raising more confident kids?

Drop the words “why” or “You can’t” and use words like “Maybe” or “You might”…

Why: Drop this word from your vocabulary as much as possible especially when talking with your kids. It can easily be received as judgmental and condescending. Kids get enough of this at school.

You can’t: Falls in the same category as “why”. Sadly it flows out of Parents’ mouthes more often then you think. “You can’t do that…this will happen or that will break!”

Here are some healthy replacements.
Remember, kids are naturally curious and do like to learn from their mistakes if given the opportunity.

“You might want to put a chip clip on that bag of chips when you are done eating them otherwise they could go stale. Would you like me to get a chip clip or show you how?”

“What plan could we put in place to be more prepared for your next math test?”

Focusing on negative results instead of teaching your kids to be proactive can be just another jab to their confidence.

Many years ago we realized our beginning martial art students did not take constructive criticism as well as in years past.

We decided to stop correcting their technique and start showing them how to get better! Sounds strange we know.

Here is an example of the old way vs the new way:

OLD: Not quite, let me show again what I mean.

NEW: Great kick, can I show you how to make it a little more powerful?

A little change in words can empower someone to a whole new level.

If you would like to see first hand how we empower kids of all ages, don’t hesitate to sign your child up for 2 Free lessons on our website…we know you will be excited how quick a few martial lessons can boost their self-esteem!

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