Teaching Kids how to Win, Lose & Compete

Leon County Parents,

Teaching kids to win, lose and compete can be a challenge.

Working with kids for over 24 years, our Tiger Rock instructor team has come up with an effective plan.

Just remember, kids are always changing and your approach has to also. However, the overall message is same.

Step 1: Make sure they know what constitutes a true victory. We tell our students improvement is a win. What place you’re in is a result of improvement.

Step 2: Tell kids it is ok to be upset, disappointed or mad. We want our students to learn to express themselves, not hold in their feelings. It is unhealthy to hide your true thoughts and can lead to bigger challenges down the road.

Step 3: It is not ok to blame others and exercise poor sportsmanship. You cannot control other people’s thoughts and feelings, but you can inspire them by your actions.

Step 4: Be proud of their effort. Most adults have no idea what is going on in a child’s mind. Kids have stress and anxiety that might not seem relevant in our world, but it is huge in theirs.

If you would like to see how our instructor team motivates kids just like yours, visit our academy and sign your child up for 2 FREE lessons.

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