What Helps a Woman Protect Herself

Tallahassee Women Looking to Protect Themselves,

If you are a female looking to feel more secure at home, in the work place and life overall; we have some tips for you to consider.

Feeling safe is more than just having the physical skills to protect yourself, a fire arm, or mace on your key chain; it is having a specific mental and physical attitude to be proactive and reactive when needed.

Consider some of these tips listed below and adopt the ones that you feel comfortable with and even a few that you might not.

DON’T BE A VICTIM: Protecting yourself comes in many forms. Doing research, reading studies and even watching movies, you often hear the victim say, “Why is this happening…” You have to make a choice as soon as you feel uncomfortable and ask yourself, “Am I going to be a victim or a survivor?” Changing your outlook will change how you react and fight back. Change “Why is this happening to me” to “This isn’t going to happen to me!” These simple changes in mindset, pump adrenal through your body and will give you the fire you need to fight back.

DON’T LET YOUR FEAR CAUSE YOU TO TRUST AN ATTACKER: When fear kicks in, we often lose reason and the ability to think straight. Most situations involve an assailant trying to get their victim in a helpless state or off into a secluded location. If you let that happen, you odds of survival drop tremendously.

No matter what the threat, do not get into a car with a stranger, do not let them tie you up or give into threats. For example, if someone broke into my home, threatened my family and wanted to tie me up; the answer is no! I will follow your demands to get you out of my home, but I will not allow you to put me in a 100% defenseless position where I have no way of protecting anyone. Worried about your family getting hurt if you do not do what you are told? Most likely if they are going to hurt someone in the household, they are going to do it anyway, why make it easier for them!

GET FIT, LOOK, DRESS THE PART: Statistically, women who wear fitness clothes and look like they workout are less likely to be a target. An attacker looks at them, thinking they are in shape, strong and most likely to fight back. So ladies, now you have another reason to wear workout clothes!

TAKE SELF-DEFENSE CLASSES: Notice the “s” at the end of the word classes. A one time self-defense class or seminar does help some, but the value is very limited. Most likely, the instructor will tell you different to fill the class. Reaction time and instinct are built on repetition. Your body and mind has repeated an action so many times that it becomes a habit. When needed, your subconscious kicks in and acts.

You might have heard 21 days builds a habit, unfortunately there is no real evidence to back that. This statement was made popular by a scientist doing an experiment on animals and observing their tendencies and ability to learn certain things. Instinct or true habits are built by repetition. Each person has their unique number of repetitions it takes to build a habit. A 1, 3 or 5 hour self-defense seminar just isn’t going to do that. Look for something more long term.

There are a lot of great martial art programs out their that also have a fitness component to get you in amazing shape and improve your flexibility too. Do not be fooled by fitness kickboxing classes to achieve this goal. Yes, they will get you in shape, but they aren’t taught by martial artists.

GET IN SHAPE: It is hard to explain the amount of energy a threatening situation will suck out of your body. Having a lot of stress built up in your life gives you a small indication or almost getting in an accident while driving. If you stay in shape, you will be able to handle the massive amounts of adrenal that flow through your body in a stressful situation, which will help your effectiveness. Naturally you will be more willing to fight due to higher dopamine levels in your brain from the exercise.

MAKE EYE CONTACT: People often think, “If I ignore it, it will go away.” Take your eye off someone who looks shady or suspicious and they see you as weak and a target. Keep eye contact, even speak loudly, “Can I help you?” and you draw attention, show strength and confidence. No body wants a fight. Even lions will look for the slowest gazelle in the herd to attack for dinner.

We hope these basic tips help and get you thinking. With a few small changes, you can feel safer and more secure.

If you would like more information about self-defense classes contact Brad Fantle. He is an 7th Degree Black Belt, has 25 years experience teaching martial arts and self-defense, a BA in Sports & fitness from the University of Alabama. Email bradfantle@gmail.com

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