What To Do When Your Preschooler Has Unlimited Energy

Tallahassee Preschool Parents,

Is the “Energizer Bunny” living at your house disguised as your preschooler?

Don’t worry you are not alone. Kids this age seem to have limitless energy, but it is not always what it appears.

Here are a few things to consider when dealing with your “Energizer Bunny.”

WHAT TYPE OF ENERGY DO THEY HAVE? Having an “all go” child is not always so cut and dry. It could be tired energy, nervous energy, lack of stimulation energy or energy from anxiety.

TIRED ENERGY: When adults are sleep deprived, we are slow moving and feel like we are out of gas. Young children handle it much different. They are crazy little monkeys with up and down emotions. Evaluate their schedule and any recent patterns that might have changed before addressing the “crazy tired energy.”

NERVOUS ENERGY: Nervous Energy or feeling anxious can make it hard for kids to sit still and be focused. Sometimes it is from excitement and other times it is anxiety caused by something new. If you have ever seen some pro sports players get a little crazy before a game, you know what we mean. Most likely it will pass shortly. Having your child focus on something familiar and calming can help.

LACK OF STIMULATION ENERGY: If you have a child on the gifted scale, this might be a common challenge. Gifted kids in a non-challenging setting will literally feel like a caged animal. Sometimes they can actually feel physical pain and discomfort driving them to act crazy. If this seems like your child, you might consider getting them tested for gifted.

ANXIETY ENERGY: Some kids do not handle stressful situations as well as others. These situations can be crowds, loud noises, bright lights or new places. Often, this type of energy hits them later in the day after the stressor has already passed and their brain tries to process the information. Rest periods, naps and quiet, relaxing activities can help counter balance this type of energy.

Step one of helping your child is understanding the source of the energy. Step 2 is making small changes to help them deal these type of situations. Structured activities that help expend energy in a positive way are also very beneficial on a regular basis.

Martial Arts or other structured activities really help young kids. Activities like soccer and baseball might not be the right choice for these kids until they get a little older. It is challenging to get kids to hold their position in soccer and baseball is a little too slow for kids at this age. Dance or other individual based fitness activities will most likely help the most at these early ages.

Regardless, there is no “one size fits all” solution and “trial & error” will give you your best results.

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