Why More Ladies Are Starting Martial Arts

Like many activities that require more contact and tend to be a little rougher, martial arts is a male dominated activity.

Although is it still predominately male, we have seen a big change in our student demographics over the years that says something different. In fact many statistics say that 52% of martial art students are males and 48% are female.

Why are ladies of all ages drawn to martial arts?

SELF-PROTECTION: This is an obvious one. Females are looked at differently in society than males. Having self-defense skills are ideal for females that naturally have lower muscle mass and bone density than males.

SOCIAL ATMOSPHERE: Martial arts is an activity where all students are appreciated for being different. Put plainly, you less likely to have drama in the classroom and each student advances individually. Students get the camaraderie of being on a team without the negativity of putting down students who do not learn as quickly.

WOMEN ARE MADE FOR IT: Females are naturally more flexible than males, develop balance and coordination faster, mature at a quicker rate and their lower bodies are proportionately as strong as males. Kicking arts like Taekwondo attract more females as opposed to arts like Judo and Jiu Jitsu where weight and size can be more of a factor.

LIFE SKILLS & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Martial Arts is known to boost you physically, mentally and spiritually. Often martial art instructors are similar to life coaches for their students. Uplifting them and coaching them on new ways to deal with stress socially and academically. All young people need positive role models in their life besides their parents.

WOMEN ARE COMPETITIVE AND ATHLETIC: Females are just as competitive and athletic as males. They have a higher tolerance for pain and push themselves to achieve success in all aspects of their lives. Why not participate in martial arts, it is the perfect fit!

If you are a female or have a daughter who is looking for something different, martial arts might be what you are looking for.

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