Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

Tallahassee Families,

It will be here before you know it. The New Year. A time when people make promises to themselves and usually end up disappointed before January is even over. On average, only 12% of people actually reach their New Year’s goals.

Here are ten reasons why New Year’s Resolutions don’t work and what you can do to avoid being another statistic.

1. You’re treating a marathon like a sprint.

We know most people want results NOW and are often willing to buy any product or follow a plan that promises quick results. However, there are no short cuts. Think about it. You did not wake up one day and magical get out of shape. It slowly happened until it got out of hand, you started having medical problems or became really uncomfortable. You need to make little adjustments at a time and build momentum.

We see it every New Year in our neighborhood. New Year’s day passes, there are a whole bunch of new faces running through our neighborhood streets for about a week and then they disappear. If you have not run in years, do not expect to jump into a 3 mile run daily. You will be miserable and most likely quit quickly.

2. You put the cart before the horse.

“Supplementing” a crappy diet is stupid, so don’t even think about it. Focus on the actions that produce the overwhelming amount of results. If it’s not important, don’t worry about it.

3. You don’t believe in yourself.

Tony Robbins put it best, “Your past does not dictate your future!” We have all failed in the past, made mistakes, so what! Take a notebook, write down what worked and did not work in the past and come up with a new plan.

4. Too much thinking, not enough doing.

The best self-help book in the world can’t save you if you don’t take action. Yes, seek inspiration and knowledge, but only as much as you can realistically apply to your life. The amount of information out there can be overwhelming. If you can put just one thing you learn from every book or article you read into practice, you’ll be on your way to improvements and accomplishing your goals.

5. You’re in too much of a hurry.

If it was quick-and-easy, everybody would do it, so it’s in your best interest to be patient. There are no short cuts, remember marathon not sprint.

6. You don’t enjoy the process.

You have to enjoy what you are doing for long term success. If you despise the gym, training in one is not going to get in shape long term. Don’t like to cook? Food prepping will be a challenge. Find things you enjoy to reach your goal or a accountable partner you can lean on.

7. You’re trying too hard.

“All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy,” goes the saying. It is ok to have a cheat meal, take a rest day or two from working out. Just get back on track once you have finished your meal or taken your rest days. Putting guilt on yourself will only make you feel defeated and hurt your motivation.

8. You don’t track your progress.

It can be hard to see your progress by jumping on a scale, looking in the mirror or knowing if your business is improving if you don’t track your progress. Look for small wins, because they build up to big mountains. Don’t track your progress and you might lose your motivation because you do not realize you are improving.

9. You have no social support.

Find a buddy or accountability partner who shares your same goals. You need someone to push you when motivation is low. Make sure you pick the correct person, not someone who will easily give in when it is time to push.

10. You know your what but not your why.

The biggest reason why most New Year’s resolutions fail: you know what you want but you not why you want it.

Yes: you want to get fit, lose weight, or be healthy… but why is your goal important to you? For example:

Do you want to be fit so you can be a positive example that your children can admire and look up to?

Do you want to lose fat so you’ll feel more confident and sexy in your body than ever before?

Do you want to be healthy so you’ll have increased clarity, energy, and focus that would carry over into every single aspect of your life?

Whether you’re getting in shape because you want to live longer, be a good example, boost your energy, feel confident, have an excuse to buy hot new clothes, or increase your likelihood of getting laid (heyI’m not here to judge) is up to you. Forget about any preconceived notions and honest to yourself

  • The more specific you can make your goal,
  • The more vivid it will be in your imagination,
  • The more encouraged you’ll be,
  • The more likely it is you will succeed (because yes, you CAN do this!).

We hope this guide to why New Year’s resolutions fail helps you achieve your goals this year. If you found this helpful, please pass it along to some friends so they can be successful just like you. What do you hope to accomplish next year?

Don’t forget, you do not need a New Year to have new goals and aspirations. Start things whenever the ideas are fresh in your head. Remember, someday will never come…the time is NOW!

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