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For over 20 years, Tiger-rock Martial Arts of Tallahassee has offered kids, teens, and adults valuable lessons in martial arts, life skills, and self-defense.

welcome to tiger rock martial arts of tallahassee

Welcome to Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Tallahassee

For more than 20 years, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Tallahassee has offered life-changing martial arts, life skills, and self-defense training to kids and adults in the community. Time-honored Korean traditions are combined with modern physical fitness to create a life-changing workout that contributes to the positive growth of every student.

With classes 6 days a week for kids, teens, and adults, we are confident that Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Tallahassee can be a great fit for you and your family. Come try our academy for 14 days!

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Kids Martial Arts Classes

Lessons for ages 4 to 14 years old

We offer three programs for kids and teens: Tiger-Cubs (4 and 5 year-olds), Juniors (6 to 9-year-olds), and Teens (10 to 14-year-olds). Each of our programs are fun, exciting, and educational. Martial arts classes can help boost a child’s self-confidence, develop their self-discipline, improve their behavior, and change their attitude for the better!

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Tallahassee values being a part of your family & the community. You and your child will team up with a staff of energetic Certified Instructors driven to provide all the support and guidance necessary to contribute to your child’s success.

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Adult Martial Arts Training

Lessons for parents, professionals, college students, weekend warriors, and athletes

Are you looking for something that gives you an edge you never had? Tiger-Rock’s Elite Adult Training Program is unlike any other fitness program you’ve ever tried. With advanced martial arts instruction, real world self-defense training, and powerful physical fitness training, you will see improvements in physical skills, mental skills, and life skills. You will transform in ways you never thought possible.

Tiger-Rock’s adult martial arts training sessions are held in the evening, offering you a flexible, after-work destination where you can get fit and have fun.

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Introducing The Tiger-Rock System

The Tiger-Rock System is our unique brand of martial arts training. Rooted in taekwondo, our system incorporates other disciplines and forms such as hanmudo, hapkido, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. We also integrate the latest advances in fitness training. It is a life-changing workout that offers enormous benefits for your physical and mental health.

Central to the Tiger-Rock System is the spirit of competition, the essentials of self-defense, and the rewards of personal advancement. Through Tiger-Rock’s martial arts training, students gain life skills and values such as discipline, strength, and character.

Academy Life

As a member of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Tallahassee, you are part of an incredible community of like-minded students and their families. Enjoy awesome benefits such as a great training facility, great lessons, and great teammates.

Tiger-Rock Tallahassee offers a martial arts training experience is unlike anything that can be provided by another academy. From our instructors to our curriculums and everything in between, Tiger-Rock is your transformation destination.

See what the Tallahassee community has to say about us!

4.7 96 reviews

  • Avatar

    Roy Kistner
    3 years ago

    My son has been training here for a year, and loves it! The instructors are amazing! They are great with all age groups, and move students appropriately based on skill level. I train here also, and one of the things that we love about … More this place is that it feels more like a family than a gym. We are the same rank and in each of our classes the instructors are so eager to help out and encourage growth! My son has made huge strides in flexibility, stamina, discipline, and confidence. This has bled over into his other sports as well. I love the fact that they challenge the students to become better martial artists, but they also challenge them to become better people. I cannot say thank you enough to the staff at Tiger Rock Tallahassee! If you are looking for a place to train in martial arts for any age range this is it! We will be Tiger Rock members for a very long time!
  • Avatar

    John Perkins
    a year ago

    All three of my children and I have trained at Tiger Rock Martial Arts in Tallahassee for close to ten years. I am proud to say that each of us have earned our black belt and more importantly found a home to develop our skills in overcoming … More obstacles. The school is able to help each person grow no matter what challenges they might face. In addition to providing a place to improve overall physical fitness, you will find that no matter if it's you or child who is training – you will learn and practice so many life skills. Senior Master Brad Fantle and Master Jodie Watkins (along with other volunteer instructors) are dedicated and passionate teachers. It has been such an important part of our individual and collective development as a family.
  • Avatar

    Tara Wells
    10 months ago

    My boys have learned so much already. They love it and are very excited every time they go. The coaches are so great, knowledgeable and very good with the students. Thanks Tiger Rock!

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