Kids martial arts lessons for the next generation.

Parents enroll their child into one of Tiger-Rock Tallahassee’s awesome kids martial arts classes because our lessons help develop their life skills, social skills, and physical fitness. Senior Master Brad Fantle and his team of instructors offer this incredible opportunity to students 4 to 15 years old with special curriculums for different age groups.

  • Martial arts, life skills, and social skills training
  • Self-defense and anti-bullying education
  • Age-based curriculum that teaches self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-respect
  • Community-oriented instruction that will build your child’s ability to focus & concentrate
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Tiger-Cubs (ages 4 and 5 year olds)

The Tiger-Cubs Program is our early childhood development program of young martial artists. Their curriculum includes:

  • Learning how to listen and follow directions
  • Developing their balance and coordination abilities
  • Understanding how to use their energy at the appropriate time
  • Increase their attention span and awareness

Juniors (6-11 year olds)

Our Junior Kids Martial Arts Program is designed for elementary school-age children 6-11 year old. Students in our classes will:

  • Increase their attention span and their ability to listen & follow instructions
  • Develop important social skills, such as cooperation and teamwork
  • Build valuable self-confidence, self-respect, and their self-concept
  • Learn self-defense, how to resolve conflicts, and how to de-escalate confrontations

Teens (12 to 15-year-olds)

Tiger-Rock Tallahassee’s teen martial arts program learn at an accelerated pace as compared to our younger students. These classes will help shape the most formative years of their lives, and build the foundation that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Our classes for teens feature:

  • Real-world, street-smart self-defense training & conflict resolution
  • Full-body physical fitness to build stamina, flexibility, and strength
  • Lessons on goal-setting, personal responsibility, and leadership among peers & their community
  • Develop a self-concept that is healthy through self-confidence, self-discipline, and self-respect

Skills + Education

Tiger-Rock Tallahassee kids martial arts programs are designed to help students develop essential life skills through fun & rigorous martial arts education. Students build social skills, focus & concentration skills, and self-defense skills in a positive, supportive environment. At Tiger-Rock, your child will:

  • Develop a healthy self-concept
  • Improve their ability to sense and react to danger
  • Acquire new tools that will help them succeed
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Fitness + Development

Kids are full of energy! They need to be in an environment that allows them to channel that energy in a constructive way. That’s why Tiger-Rock of Tallahassee’s exciting kids martial arts program is fun, engaging, and fast-paced. As we say, no one sits on the bench in our academy!

  • Increase attention span and awareness in younger kids
  • Develop agility and coordination in older kids
  • Strength, conditioning, and cardio fitness for adolescents & teens
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Family + Community

Tiger-Rock is a family-first, community-oriented martial arts academy. Your child will become part of supportive community that is just as invested as you are in your child’s success. It is not just the belt ranking and medals that show your child’s success at Tiger-Rock, but also their growth as a person, leader, and citizen.

  • A structured environment for our kids & teens
  • A supportive environment for our parents
  • An engaging and welcoming community for families

Frequently Asked Questions about Tiger-Rock's Kids Martial Arts Classes

Does my child have to have any previous martial arts experience to join your academy?

Not at all. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts welcomes all students, regardless of on-the-mat experience.

Can you explain your integrated martial arts system?

Of course! Tiger-Rock Martial Arts’ exclusive training system combines traditional taekwondo with elements of other martial arts disciplines, such as hanmudo, hapkido, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and physical fitness training. Your child will learn various kicking, striking, grappling, and sparring techniques, as well as other martial arts-based exercises.

Is your kids martial arts program safe for my child?

Our training system is designed with safety in mind. Martial arts has a lower risk for injury than many other sports that kids play. Our experienced, certified instructors will teach your child the essentials about martial arts, self-defense, and physical fitness, while ensuring their safety with every lesson.

How do I enroll my child into your kids martial arts program?

Start with having your child try out our 14-day starter course. This 2-week trial will allow you and your child to familiarize yourself with our academy and our incredible community, and see if it’s the right fit.

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