Hey Parents,

Keeping your kids physically active and their brains engaged in healthy activities can be challenging over the summer.

If you live in a climate that is really hot every summer like Florida, Texas, and Georgia just to name a few, you options could be limited so it takes a little creativity.

Here are a few ideas to get their brains engaged and off technology.

1. Start a puzzle. Puzzles are great ways to spend time together, have meaningful conversations and you can spend 30 minutes a day for several weeks before they are completed. Pick something challenging that your kids will really like . Once completed, frame it and put it up in their room.

2. Set-up some volunteer work for your child. It is a great way to give back and realize how lucky most of us really are. Your kids might resist at first, but you will be amazed how it changes their prospective after a few hours.

3. Baking is a lot of fun for kids and a great way to give back to others. Baking a thank you meal or desert is a lot of fun, rewarding and teaches them the Law of Reciprocity.

4. Science projects are also a great way to learn and have fun. Whether it is making a rocket to launch outside, or other experiments. Use the internet for productive projects and teach them how useful it is to solve problems instead of watching videos for entertainment.

5. Start a garden or plant flowers. This is not only a great way to relieve stress, teach kids to how to take of something, but it is also a great way to teach them about photosynthesis and how plants co-habitat with people and how we need each other. A great reward following gardening could be watching the Lorax movie and how important it is not to cut down all the trees.